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Jesse Eisenberg / Heeb Magazine / October 2009



  1. TJ Bryde says:

    That was a great read. More journalist should be approaching “celebrity” subjects with the same careful eye. He mentioned “who would want to be famous” a few times during the interview which is interesting because basically everyone under the age of 30 wants to be famous and would do just about anything to become a celebrity. The fame game has become stuffed with hundreds of thousands of people who make a living off of people becoming famous and helping them stay famous that any normal sane person (if there are any of those left) would be run over by a system that does not interact with the real world for even one second. The things the publicist for Jon Gosselin, Kristin Stewart, or that Lamas girl has no effect on the world outside the bubble of people who read USweekly and promote clubs.

  2. no says:

    i went to high school with him. he is definitely a self important douche.

  3. Philippe says:

    The illustrations are excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who did those?

  4. Cheers for the informative page – I had fun reading it! I always love browsing your blog. :)

  5. rejiemledduB naH says:

    Funny to read this, as I recognize a lot of his behavior, including the partially making stories up to entertain, to tell something, anything, not knowing how to keep up the conversation.
    Nicely written, I enjoyed reading it!

  6. Felton Pinedo says:

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  7. what goes up, should come down?

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